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“I had found Crypto Rocko in 2017 and since then followed him. I was glad when Rocko started the group. I joined the Rockstar Trading group and course and it completely changed my trading. I had lost a lot of money just investing in crypto and buying into the false hypes on social media, Rocko teaches a simple strategy that helps to buy the right coins. I have finally started to make money trading altcoins on binance and looking to trade another market. Thanks again Rocko and definitely recommend checking out the group”

Jake Richardson

“Rocko is a king of Technical Analysis and Trading. He is so humble and patient with new traders. Best thing about this is that Rocko actually shows it done live, it is more than just a trading course. I have asked him 100s and 1000s of stupid newbie questions and he answered and helped me understand a simple strategy to trade and invest in cryptocurrency with having a job and two kids. Hopefully Bitcoin goes to $100k in couple of year”

Sandra Mccan

“I bought the course few weeks ago and learnt what professional trading really with right risk management and high probability trade setups. I wish I joined ealier. I spent money and more importantly time on course that doesn’t work. This course has finally changed me into a profitable trader and I made over £800 this week, I know some people are making way more but it was one of the best moment of my life! ”

Thomas Bridge

Thank Rocko Sir, very clear explanation on how to trade. In India people charge a lot of money for the trading teachings and not very good. Your strategy for such a cheap price is great and actually works. I have tried many strategies but your strategy help me to be profitable. I definitely recommend Rocko to anybody to learn from Rocko.

Raj Adishani

I bought bitcoin at $18k and Ripple at $2. I made huge losses. After learning about what trading is helped me understand risk and importance of having a strategy. I am still learning but now I understand what trading is, how to find high probability entry setups. I have had profitable months but also losing months. Hopefully I become consistent money as a trader soon and leave my job. Rocko is a great teacher and sometimes tells you what you need to here to fix your mistakes and become a better trade. Thanks Rocko, look forward to learning from you in the years to come.

Peter Robinson

I joined after watching some of your trading calls on youtube. You are one of the only youtubers who I trusted and followed you for a year before paying for you course. I wish I had joined earlier as I think I would’ve made money sooner. Your livestreams helped me the most as I could put the theory from the course into action. My favourite thing about Rockstar Trading though is the community, I have made great friends and met some great people to learn and trade together. I found it easier to trade as part of a community. Thanks for putting together this awesome group!

Katja Gromazski

Welcome to Rockstar Trading group

Rockstar Trading was born out of passion for trading and helping people achieve their dreams and financial freedom. Rockstar Trading Group was launched to help new trader or struggling experienced traders to finally join the top 1% that consistently make money. Whether you are new to trading or you have been trading for years but keep making losses, Rockstar Trading is here to help you to become winners.

If you have been following me you know how much you guys, my subscribers, my followers or anyone who watches and learns from my content means to me. I have always tried my best to help you all. I have helped 1000s of people already since 2017 for free and will continue to help people but people that are trusting me and joining the membership group or taking the course can be assured that I am going to go the extra 100 miles to support you in your journey to become a profitable trader. If you have found my free content helpful, you will be blown away with what I am about to present to you in this group! Rockstar Trading Group has already help 100s of traders take money continuously from the markets, join us and become the next success story…

We can help you in two ways:

Rockstar Trading Masterclass Course & Rockstar Trading Group Membership.
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Rockstar Trading Masterclass Course

Join now to get the full trading course and my strategy which took over 5 years and 1000s of hours to build explaining exactly how and when to buy and sell to make consistent money from trading. Also includes Risk Management, Psychology, RSI Mastery, Fibonacci and much more

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Rockstar Trading Group Membership

Join now to access the best educational group with includes: Livestreams, Market updates, Traders, Signals, Group of successful traders, Live Messenger and Private Mentoring. And top of all of that our helpful community helps each other to achieve their goals to become profitable traders.

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We have got a most comprehensive trading course that will teach from the basics of trading, risk management, candlestick, moving averages, RSI, entries, exit and much more including my favorite secret Rockstar Trading strategy! Click the link above to find out more about the course The other option joining our trading room where I livestream at least three times a week sharing with you which forex pairs, stocks or coins I am looking to trade, coins that are breaking out, teaching you how to trade live, review any or your requested forex pairs, stocks or coins and obviously answer any questions you may have. Most important we have a great community to help each other and sharing their trade ideas, so we can all grow together and become even more profitable traders.

Which one should you join the course or the group? Most people in the  group have taken the course as well. I recommend all the rockstar traders to take the trading course. It is the most comprehensive course ever explaining any questions you may have. While you are taking the course, join the group to see the technical and educational theory put in to practice live in our livestream and by other members. If you are completely new, I highly recommend you take the course and join the group. If you have some trading experience or know basic of technical analysis you can join the Rockstar Trading Group to see the strategy put into practice so you have even more proof of the power of the Rockstar Trading course so you can buy the course in confidence. If you are curious about Trading check out our group first as it’s a smaller investment and then get the course to become a full Rockstar Trader!

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“All these trade signals were shared to our members in the group or shared live on social media on Youtube, Twitter and Facebook. They are all verified calls and can be checked by yourself. Join the group now to not miss out on the next trades…”


Technical Analysis

Technical analysis is a trading discipline employed to evaluate investments and identify trading opportunities in price trends and patterns seen on charts. Here at Rockstar Trading we will be teaching you the basic first and then be teaching you technical analysis that can be found nowhere in the internet…

Live Trading Signals

We livestream throughout the week, giving you the most accurate analysis, trade signals and insights into crypto, forex, commodities markets and much more. Want to know where bitcoin is going next, or which cryptocurrency is pumping next or which forex pair is breaking out, join us for our livestreams.

Full Trading Course

Our course is the most comprehensive trading course out there. When I was starting out I  spent tens and 100s of pounds on courses & seminars not half as good as this,  wish this course existed then. Whether you are new or experienced, you will find this extremely valuable. It explains everything from technical analysis to risk management and a simple profitable strategy


Our course and market analysis are the best on the internet but even better is the community we are building. Trading with a knowledgeable helpful community will speed up your learning process to becoming a profitable trader. After all these years of trading, the community and helping each other keeps me motivated to help others to achieve their dreams


We offer the best training to traders to achieve their goals of consistent profitability through group live sessions and 1-to-1 mentoring, where they can ask any questions. Live demonstrations put all the theory to practice, helps new traders see how a professional experienced traders trade and use it in their own analysis and trading


We cover cryptocurrency, forex, commodities and stock market but we definitely have a unique edge in cryptocurrency. We have specialised in cryptocurrency since 2017; seen the bubble grow and burst, pump and dumps, ICO craze and much more. Our strategies work in any market but we have expertise in the crazy world of crypto no one else can offer

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